Comedian photo series shot on Fujifilm

A short while ago I had the pleasure of photographing Ange Arabatzis a local comedian here in Melbourne. This was part of shooting a new series where I get to chat to comedians and make some portraits of who they are and also get a glimpse into their persona and life.

I met up with Ange to chat and to find out how he find's his inspiration to create his funny material and also for his youtube channel where he becomes Warren Trevors.

I also decided to leave my big full frame camera at home and shoot more discreetly and lightly. I used my Fujifilm xt-10 and 2 lenses, The 18-55 kit lens and the 35mm f1.4 with Natural light.

Here's a few photos from the series.


If you would like to check out Ange's work here's the link.