Olivia and Dan's Christmas Wedding

Sometimes you get requests to photograph weddings on special days but Olivia and Dan's wedding takes the cake :) I was contacted a few weeks before Christmas by Olivia asking me to photograph her and Dan's wedding. Olivia and I met at a local cafe to chat about them and their special day. Not only were they excited to get married but they wanted it to be a surprise for all of their family (except mum, dad and siblings) that came and to do this, it had to be Christmas day!

I was very happy to help this lovely young couple because they just wanted a small ceremony where they can surprise their close family. I was still able to spend time with my family too after the ceremony.

The ceremony was held at a very dry and windy but still very beautiful Lederderg Gorge in Bacchus Marsh, Victoria.

Olivias Dad was the bus driver and picked up all the guests in his bus from their house and drove to the gorge. They thought they were going to a Christmas bbq :)   

Here are a few of the photos from their Portrait session and ceremony :)