Creative Hangouts 02 - Genevieve Donaldson

My lovely friend Gen has been working very hard and I thought it would be great to interview her for my series Creative Hangouts. 

She is a very busy lady that is a singer, songwriter, Pianist and Clothing Designer here in Melbourne.

I hope you will enjoy our chat together. (Please note this is an audio conversation not text anymore)  We talk about the beginnings, how she balances everything, and what a day's like in Gen's world. Also how many times I can say cool and Awesome in our conversation ;)

Also I would love to hear your thoughts about the interview. This is only my second time interviewing someone like this so I hope it sounds ok?


If you would like to check out Gens work, here are her details down below :)

Twitter: @gendonaldson and @BeehiveBespoke