A Day With The Andersens

A day with The Andersens


I love photographing people and being able to show a tiny slice of who they are through photography.

When I got the chance to photograph a previous client and friend of mine Paul and his lovely family, I was thrilled and said yes immediately. This wasn't a typical family photo where everyone had to group together and smile. This was me coming to their home for the day to capture Paul and his family doing what they do on a normal day. There was no posing or awkward smiles, just raw candid moments between each other.  


I arrived at Paul and Kylie's Door at 7am on the Friday and was greeted with such kindness and generosity from everyone. They were such a wonderful family and I had so much fun, the day went so fast. Their Kids Odin and Sabine were so funny too.

Thank you Paul and Kylie for allowing me to document your family for the day! I can't wait to document the next family, it was so much fun!


Here's what we got up to for the day :)


Please get in touch with me if you love what you see and would like some more information about my "A Day with" sessions. They are so much fun and no stress for the family.