Everything is shiny!

Hey guys I super excited to announce that I will have access to a studio in a few weeks time :) It has all come about with hustling at a local studio I'm assisting in which I'm very grateful for. I can't wait to create some very cool Projects that are in the works and just need some researching to get them going. One is called Transform (nothing like Transformers though) Where I will photograph some Before and Afters in interesting ways but I'm not giving away too much just yet ;)

I have also thought about adding more photography content that has helped me learn so much with the Business side of things. The other day I stumbled across this video which was a great insight to marketing yourself and starting out in Photography. You might find some of this info helpful for your business Here's the link  if your interested.

There was a swap meet last week where I also bought my 1st Polaroid camera (Sx-70) so I'm keen to try it out soon. It can be expensive to shoot with these cameras so I'll have to be selective on when to use it. There was also some second hand book stores that had some fantastic old photo books for a couple of dollars each.