Creative Hangouts 09 - Nicola Bernardi

What a year it has been I would love to thank you all that have been giving me great feedback with my new project Creative Hangouts and where it's going. Thanks so much to all of the amazing people that have been following along and also the creatives I have interviewed on here you are all awesome! 

It's nearly mid November and everyone's going on holidays soon so I have decided to place this Project in "Holiday Mode" until next year. I will work on ways of making my interviews very different to one another whilst I'm away. I'm super excited to find more amazing people for my Series.


With that said I would love to introduce Nicola Bernardi to my final Creative Hangouts Series of 2015.

Nico is a portrait photographer from Italy currently living in Melbourne. I have been inspired by him since seeing his work earlier this year. He's such a character and you can tell by his candor and attitude that he loves talking to people and finding their story.

We got to chat about travel, how he started and also what he has been up to since moving here and what it was like assisting Steve McCurry :)

I hope you enjoy our chat together.


Here's Nico's Contact info please check out his work its fantastic :)

Website -

Facebook - NicolaBernardiPhotography

Instagram - kumaniko


Thanks everyone for listening. I will still be posting my other work and BTS where I can on this blog. Catch you next time guys !