Creative Hangouts 08 - Tom Putt

This week I was invited to Tom Putt's studio in Hampton. Tom Putt is a Landscape Photographer and has won both national and International Awards. He's also genuinely nice guy and we got to talk about his past shooting for the 2000 Olympics and his sports photography days just to name a few things.  

Here's our interview and photoshoot :)

I hope you enjoyed my chat with Tom. Please follow along if you find these interviews interesting or helpful. Here's Tom's Contact info if you would like to see his work.

Tom's Website -

Instagram - inspirelandscapes

Facebook -


I would love to know your thoughts on where I should take this series. For now it's coming to the end of the year so this is the second last episode for Creative Hangouts. The last one is a great one with a photographer who I have admired for a while and can't wait to to tell you more very soon.