A week with Benjamin Von Wong



This blog post maybe a little long so I do apologize in advance.

Where do I begin?

I think It all started in late February when I was just checking my Facebook feed. Up popped a post from an International photographer I follow named Benjamin Von Wong. His post stated that he was coming to Melbourne in March and he had very important news but couldn't tell us on social media. Ben suggested we email him directly to ask. So of course I was very curious and emailed him.

Ben replied shortly after and when he explained the reason for visiting Australia, I was even more keen to help out.

By the way if you haven't seen Ben's work I encourage you to check it out. He's always creating amazing elaborate stories with his photography on practically no budget and always coming up with new ideas to shoot. Plus he's a super nice guy too. www.vonwong.com

The reason why Ben was coming to Melbourne was because a long time fan of his, Tyler Grace was having his 21st birthday soon and asked Ben if he would mind making a small video to say "Happy Birthday". Tyler is actually very sick and suffers from a condition called Fibromyalgia and a host of other debilitating conditions. This means he feels pain all the time and if he exerts himself in any way, he can get fatigued very fast. But instead of giving up on life, Tyler has done the complete opposite and with the help from his dad and family he had started his own photography business in his home town of Albury (Tyler Grace Photography).

Tyler actually came across Ben's work some years ago which inspired him to never give up on his photography and they were in touch ever since through social media.  So when Ben received Tyler's message, He thought he could do one better and decided to visit Tyler here in Australia.

With the help of Tyler's sister Bianca, they secretly planed everything so Ben would surprise Taylor when he came back from a trip to Bali. It worked and last week Ben surprised Tyler at his house in Albury then the whole family went on a weeklong adventure with Ben around the coast.  

Their last stop was Melbourne where we all pitched in to fund the trip via Ben giving a conference in Melbourne on Sunday. As Ben, Tyler and his family were on the trip, we were planning a photoshoot for Tyler in Melbourne. An amazing effort was put in by everyone to create this shoot and this week it all came together perfectly. Tyler had a blast and we all had the best time, we didn't want it to end.

Unfortunately the fun had to end and we all said our goodbyes to Ben, Tyler and his family. But we will never forget what an epic week everyone had.


I'd like to thank all of these amazing people who helped make this possible (In no specific order)

Benjamin Von Wong

Tyler Grace and his family

Sam Tsang

Silvia Li



Veronica Elizabeth

Jouline Winter

Gen Raw TheAwesominator

Lydia Honan

Natalie M



Ardie An Jase

Kahlii Morrison

Simone Clarke



Styled by Aster










Organizers/Assistants/ Chauffeur's and Awesome peeps

Deep Golder

Francine Schaepper

Alamby Leung

LeBin Teo

Huy Huynh

Wilson Lee

Stevan Pavlovski

Frankie Fung

Jonathan Ho


Special thanks for letting us setup at your place:

Matt Tierney & Fiona Crawford!


Here's some BTS of the day we had the shoot.

(These photos were taken by everyone there)