New year, new beginnings

What a great start to the new year! I had the privilege of working with 5 talented ladies on an awesome photoshoot for a magazine submission to Freque magazine. We didn't expect much but wanted to try for a feature at least. The theme for February's issue was "Shiny" and we decided to create an "Urban Alien".

Here is the description we included in the submission

Urban Alien


The concept behind this shoot was to create a "creature", something that wasn't conventionally beautiful but was striking in its own way. We wanted our creature to be alien, with a predatory element about it. The elongated hair and angular poses created a unique silhouette, which was enhanced by the use of body paint and lighting. Incorporated into the outfit was painted bone, beading and fringing, all of it tailor made for this shoot to create a completely unique look.


Last week we received a reply from Freque saying we got a feature in their mag! We couldn't believe we got in!! :) and that wasn't all. Just a few days ago I got another email saying that we also scored the back cover of volume 7 pt 1. They sent us tearsheets to show us the layout below.


and this is the back cover :)

incomplete 7.1_Page_108.jpg

I have to say a big thank you to these awesome gals!!.

Photographer: Kylie Knight Photography
Stylist: Styled By Aster
MUA: Liz Jenkinson-Muafx
Hair: Hiroko Ka
Model: Maria Ronzhina
Assistant: Caroline Esbenshade