Did anyone say DOGS!

There's no question when people ask me what my favorite animal is, I will always say I love dogs!! :) So when I got the opportunity to start a new project on photographing these furry wonders, I took it.

My new project is called "Dogs at Home"  I basically go to peoples homes and photograph their dog to capture their personality, much like a human :) 

I didn't want to complicate my lighting, so much of this project will be shot with 1 speedlight and natural light and sometimes a reflector. It's all about connecting with the animal and letting them become comfortable with you. Also treats help a lot. 

My 1st dog I photographed was my flatmates. His name is HUGO

The next 2 dogs were at a friends house in Lilydale and they were a blast to photograph!

Meet Lewis

And Moby

It was a blast to photograph these wonderful animals and my next one was a darling Cavalier mix called Phoebe and still very sprightly for 13 years old :)

My next 2 subjects are Indy a Golden Lab, and a French Bulldog named Gerard. I can't wait to meet them! Please let me know if you have dog and would like them to be included in my Project. It would be my pleasure to photograph them.