Tessellate Union Photoshoot

It was an awesome day yesterday, a long one, but I met some fantastic people who I will definitely keep in touch with. 

Going back a few weeks ago I was contacted by a nice young Jewellery designer named Vivian. She asked me to help her shoot her Jewellery line called (Tessellate Union ) with a few different themes to complement her designs. We brainstormed ideas and yesterday was the day we came together for the shoot. We had a team of 5 of us. ME, a fantastic MUA Maria Russo, Vivian (Tessellate Union), Sophie Hynes our lovely model and Mark Chiswell who was the best assistant and also let u use his studio for the shoot (thanks Mark!) He is also a qualified Graphic designer so if you need your website created or logo, he's the man!

I'm still going through all of our images as we speak so for now here's a tiny peek at Behind the scenes from yesterday :)



Me Maria Mark Sophie.jpg
me sophie maria and vivian.jpg