Freckles, Awards and Street portraits.

It's been a while since my last post so I thought I better update my blog. Been super busy editing my entries into my very 1st APPA awards (Australian Professional Photography Awards) It's been very stressful and also exciting too. I'm actually looking forward to seeing how my 3 prints go in these awards. My entries I entered were 1 from my photo shoot with Tessellate Union, another photo from a new series I have just started called "Freckles". My friend Gwen was the model and the last one, a personal photo from a foggy day in Sydney. All very different and that's why I'm curious with the outcome for all 3 prints.  Whatever the outcome, I'm glad I entered.

I had a fantastic photo shoot with an amazing man named Nathan, he has the coolest look and has very nice personality to boot. We did a mini shoot in Melbourne and got some great images even though the weather wasn't that good.

Just last weekend I had the pleasure of having my portfolio looked at by the very lovely and talented Sally Brownbill. Sally is the best, she gave me some great advise on creating and shooting for my new Portfolio. Some of my photos I thought would never go together, actually did and she explained why.  We had to layout our photos (200 cheap 6x4 K-Mart prints) that we thought had potential on the ground and Sally went through them and told you what worked and what we need to keep in mind when shooting next. One piece of advise was to shoot the colour and texture you see. Simple advise but never occurred to me. Not anymore though. You would be surprised with what photos can mesh together.

I should have said this is a longer blog as I'm trying to catch up with what I missed the last few weeks.

There's one project I started about 1 year ago that I need to start again. It's not new but I really enjoyed the challenge. It was photographing Street portraits with people's permission. This time I'm trying to find the background first then wait for the right person to walk on by. That way the light is right and the Background is interesting too.  I have been waiting for the right weather but It's been so miserable lately. Might just have to settle for this weather for now. I will be posting this street project on my 500px site so I don't clutter my blog. Thanks for reading guy's

Cheers Kylie

Here's a sneaky peek of my work ;)