The beginning of a new Project

It's funny how the universe works. Just last month I signed up for a Twitter account and a week later I got some followers. I mostly signed up to keep informed with what's happening in the creative world. Of the few followers I had, there was an lady named Laura, and this is how I met Laura Wood Illustrator extraordinaire!

Just the other week I was going through my book of project ideas and came across a project I've been dying to start. The project was about contacting other creative's in their fields taking an honest portrait of them and writing about what they do in my blog, like cake decorators, Artists, Illustrators, other Photographers, Graphic artists, Musicians etc and the list goes on and on. So when I found out Laura was from Melbourne and an Illustrator, I thought, wow the universe is giving me a hint to start this project!

I contacted Laura straight away and she loved the idea too, so we booked the shoot for this week at her home (today).

Her Illustrations are a fusion of Mixed media because she traditionally sketches out her Illustrations then scans them into Photoshop to colour them in Digitally. Sometimes she scans traditional paints and textured paper into her art work  too. Laura's Illustrations are childlike and she loves creating  stories full of colour that invite the viewer into her story.

It was an awesome shoot and even the 2 cat's she's fostering (Major Tom and Quincy) got in on the act as well.

On a side note, the 2 cats are actually looking for a home, so If anyone can help Laura find one for them, that would be amazing :) 

It was great meeting another creative in the industry and If you have a free moment you have to check out Laura Wood's work, it's fantastic!


laurawood 01