Merry Christmas...nearly Part 1 of 2

There's so much to tell this month as I sort of missed updating last month because of assignments etc. One big change is I have finally moved into an awesome new house in Thornbury. Now I have no excuses with setting up photoshoots and working with new creatives. I'm sure I will miss Rosebud but I believe there are bigger and better things to come for me that's why I had to move out. I still go down every weekend to work at our awesome little Bakery in Rye. But I have to look for another job in the city as the weekend commute is becoming troublesome when people want photoshoots during the weekend.

I had some awesome photoshoots too during this time. I shot some promo photos for a very talented Singer/Songwriter named Genevieve Donaldson. She has a great voice and is definitely going places. You should check out her music it's Rock/Piano awesomeness. We were able to shoot at Abbotsford Convent (with permission) and got some amazing access to the old Nuns Infirmary rooms. The rooms were full of history and a hint of mystery. Thanks so much Tom for arranging the rooms for us it was amazing. We had a blast and ended up eating at Lentil as Anything which I highly recommend, the food there is delicious!

If your ever in Melbourne you should definitely check out Abbotsford Convent. They had a local growers market on when we were shooting there.

Here are some of the photos from the shoot with Gen. Oh and we even found her name on one of the walls (eerie indeed)